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Daily Lotto FAQs

Take a look at the Daily Lotto FAQs below to find answers to the most common questions about the game. You'll find information about various aspects of Daily Lotto, including how it works, cut-off times and how much it costs to play.

How do I play Daily Lotto?

To play, you need to pick five numbers from a range of 1-36 or have a Quick Pick generate your numbers for you. You can buy your tickets online or in store at any National Lottery retailer in South Africa. Learn more in the How to play Daily Lotto guide.

What time is Daily Lotto drawn?

Draws take place at 21:00. There are draws every day of the year apart from Christmas Day.

How does Daily Lotto work?

Daily Lotto works differently to the other big lotteries in South Africa. The main difference is that the entire prize fund must be won in each draw. This means that if nobody matches all five numbers, you can win a potentially much bigger prize for matching four or three numbers, as the Division 1 funds roll down to the next winning division.

As is stated in the name of the game, draws take place everyday. This means you're never far away from a chance to win a Daily Lotto prize, and it costs just R3 per ticket to play. Match all five of the winning numbers drawn to win a share of the top prize.

What is the cut-off time for playing Daily Lotto?

The cut-off time to get your Daily Lotto entries in is 20:30 on the day of a draw. If you fail to buy your tickets by this time, you will have to wait for the next game.

How much does it cost to play Daily Lotto?

Daily Lotto costs R3 per line. You can enter multiple draws in advance and play as many boards as you want, but the maximum you can spend on a single betslip is R150.

Does Daily Lotto pay out for matching two numbers?

Yes. As long as you match at least two of the five winning numbers, you are guaranteed a prize.

How many numbers do I need to match to win the Daily Lotto jackpot?

Match all five of your numbers to the five winning numbers and you are guaranteed to win the jackpot. However, you may not even have to match all five as the jackpot has to be won in every draw.

What happens if nobody matches all five numbers?

If there are no tickets that match all five numbers, the jackpot money rolls down to be shared between all the players who have matched four numbers. In the extremely unlikely event that there are also no winners in the second division, the jackpot would roll down to the third division.

What is the Daily Lotto jackpot in each draw?

There is no fixed value for the jackpot. Instead, each of the four prize divisions receives a percentage of the total prize pool. The percentage allocated to the ‘Match 5’ category is 35.60%, and this is split between winners. The expected jackpot for each draw is usually between R200,000 and R450,000.

Half of the money spent on tickets goes towards the prize pool. Go to the Prize Payouts page for more information about how much is then allocated to each division.

How are the winning numbers selected?

A random number generator is used to produce the winning line each day. An independent auditor is present to make sure the process is fair.

Is there a Daily Lotto Plus game?

Unlike Lotto and PowerBall, there is not currently a Daily Lotto Plus game. However, there are more opportunities to play and win Daily Lotto, as there is a draw every single day.

What are the odds of winning?

The overall odds of winning a prize on Daily Lotto are 1 in 7.6. The odds of matching all five numbers are 1 in 376,992.

How do I check if I am a winner?

There are various ways you can check to see if you have won. One of the easiest methods is to use the Daily Lotto Checker to compare your numbers to the results, or you can head over to the results page. If you played in a store, you can take your ticket back to a retailer to get it checked, and if you played online you can simply log in to your account. Online players also receive automatic notifications when they win prizes.

How long do I have to claim a Daily Lotto prize?

You have 365 days to claim any prizes won on Daily Lotto. Go to the How to Claim page to learn all about the process for redeeming your winnings.

Can I play Daily Lotto through my online banking app?

While banks such as FNB and Nedbank provide the opportunity to purchase PowerBall and Lotto entries directly through their apps, Daily Lotto is not currently available through these channels. You’ll have to play in-store or through other online providers.