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National Lottery Raffle

The 'Home-Sweet-Home' Raffle is now on sale!

The South African National Lottery have announced a 'Home-Sweet-Home Raffle' draw that will take place on 29th December 2018. Tickets for the draw are now on sale and, with just 500,000 tickets available, be sure to get yours early so you don't miss out!

By playing, you will have the chance to win one of SIX homes worth R2 million, along with R500,000 in cash prizes that are also up for grabs. Tickets cost R50.

The National Lottery Raffle is an exciting new game that gives players the chance to win both cash and luxury non-cash prizes simply by having their unique ticket number drawn from a pool of entries, rather than having to match numbered balls as in a traditional lottery. Raffle draws are operated by ITHUBA, the same organisation that runs games like Lotto and Powerball, but are independent of the existing lottery draws.

When do Draws Take Place?

Draws are held at various points throughout the year, with exact dates announced at least 60 days in advance. The first draw was held on 30th December 2016, at 16:00. This was followed by a draw on Saturday 27th May 2017 and another on 30th December 2017.

The next draw is due to take place on 29th December 2018, with six homes worth R2 million and R500,000 in cash prizes up for grabs.

See the Results page soon after the draw takes place to see if you are a winner.

How to Play

Tickets can be purchased from authorised retailers at a cost of R20, R25 or R50, and will be available to purchase for at least 60 days prior to each draw.

Each Raffle ticket has a unique, randomly generated code printed on it, with prize-winners selected from the pool of tickets entered. For this reason, the prizes for each draw will always be won — it is not possible for prizes to roll over like in regular lotteries. Players can choose the number of Raffle tickets they would like to purchase, but they cannot specify the Raffle code numbers that will be printed on their tickets. Sales close when the last code available has been purchased.

Prizes and Odds of Winning

These were the prizes for the draw on Saturday 30th December 2017:

Prize Number of Prizes Odds of Winning Prize Tier Value Percentage of Prize Pool
Mini Cooper convertible 25 1 in 60,000 R9.125 million 60.8%
R10,000 300 1 in 5,000 R3 million 20%
R2,500 1,150 1 in 1,304 R2.875 million 19.20%
Total 1,475 1 in 1,017 R15 million 100%

Previous Raffle Prizes

The prizes won in the Raffle on 27th May 2017 were:

Prize Number of Prizes Odds of Winning Prize Tier Value Percentage of Prize Pool
R1 million 12 1 in 166,666 R12 million 57.14%
R100,000 30 1 in 66,666 R3 million 14.29%
R10,000 500 1 in 4,000 R5,000,000 23.81%
R1,000 1,000 1 in 2,000 R1,000,000 4.76%
Total 1,542 1 in 1,297 R21 million 100%

The prizes won in the Raffle on 30th December 2016 were:

Prize Number of Prizes Odds of Winning Prize Tier Value Percentage of Prize Pool
Mercedes-Benz C-Class Cabriolet 15 1 in 133,333 R10,347,330.15 49.63%
R100,000 45 1 in 44,444 R4,500,000 21.59%
R10,000 500 1 in 4,000 R5,000,000 23.98%
R1,000 1,000 1 in 2,000 R1,000,000 4.8%
Total 1,560 1 in 1,282 R20,847,330.15 100%

How to Claim Raffle Prizes

Following the Raffle draw, players can check to see if they’ve won a prize either by scanning their Raffle ticket at a participating retailer’s terminal, or by checking the results online.

Prizes of R1,000 can be claimed from any participating retailer. Prizes of R10,000 should be redeemed at an authorised National Lottery payment centre, whilst R100,000 awards and non-cash prizes such as cars the must be claimed from one of ITHUBA’s National Lottery regional offices.