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Sportstake 8

Sportstake 8 is a game that consists of you the player, predicting the first half and second half outcomes of eight professional soccer league matches/fixtures from around the world. Correctly predict 13 or more match outcomes out of a possible 16 to win a prize.

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Sportstake 8 Temporarily Suspended due to Covid-19

Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak across the world, many sports events have been cancelled, including soccer. As Sportstake is based on the outcomes of various soccer matches, all bets and fixtures for Sportstake 8 and 13 have been suspended until further notice.

Learn more about the Sportstake suspension

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Upcoming Fixture List

Fixture lists are published three times a week, you can find the next upcoming fixture list below:

How to Play Sportstake 8

First obtain a game board from a National Lottery outlet. A game board is identified as board A, B, C and D, it consists of a grid of 16 halves’ result predictions.

Mark your prediction in the applicable tick box [1], [X] or [2] for each half of every fixture on the list. Box [1] indicates a Home Win, box [X] indicates a Draw and box [2] indicates an Away Win.

Once you have made your predictions for the First Half and Second Half outcomes, take your betslip to a teller at an approved National Lottery retailer and make your payment. A single board entry costs R2.00. You will receive a receipt to show all your selected result choices.

The Propick Option

You can also play Sportstake 8 by choosing Propick, this is a quick play option that will automatically choose match results on your behalf. Propick selects match outcomes by using a combination of two methods. It considers statistical head to head history of the two teams in the fixture, plus a randomised selection. Your selections will therefore be part weighted and part randomised. Make sure you check the results for the fixture list that you select to play.

Prizes and Odds

The Sportstake prize fund is made up from 50% of the games total net sales. Because of this there are no set amounts for each prize division. The table below shows the percentage of prize pool allocated to each prize division and the odds of winning for each outcome:

Prize Division Prize Division Pool Percentage Odds of Winning
Match 16 (Jackpot) 40% 1 in 43,046,721
Match 15 20% 1 in 14,384,907
Match 14 15% 1 in 4,782,969
Match 13 25% 1 in 1,594,323

If there are no jackpot winners, the Division 1 prize fund will roll over into the next upcoming fixture list prize fund. This will continue to happen until the jackpot is won.

If there are no winners of the Match 15 division, the prize fund will be equally split between the Match 14 and Match 13 prize division winner(s). If there are no winners of the Match 14 division, the full prize fund will be given to the Match 13 division winner(s).

In the event that there are no winners in the Match 15, 14 and 13 divisions, the prize fund will roll to the next jackpot division (i.e. Match 16).