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Sportstake 8 FAQs

Look through the Sportstake 8 FAQs below to learn about all the different elements of the game, from how to get hold of the latest fixtures to what happens when you win.

How does Sportstake 8 work?

The game requires you to predict what will happen in both halves of eight different soccer matches. You must specify whether the home team will win the first half, whether the away team will win, or whether it will be a draw. You must also do the same for the second half, for a total of 16 predictions. Go to the How to Play page for more information.

Do I also predict the full-time score?

You predict the first-half result and the second-half result, but not the overall match outcome. For example, if the away team leads 1-0 at half time, that half would go down as an away win. If the home team goes on to score the only goal of the second half, the second-half result would be a home win. The final match result would be a 1-1 draw, but this is irrelevant for the purposes of Sportstake.

Does Sportstake count extra time?

No, extra time and penalty shootouts are not included in Sportstake. The outcome of the first half in Sportstake 8 is the score at the end of the first 45-minute period plus the referee’s additional time. The outcome of the second half is the score from the resumption after half-time, up until the end of the second 45-minute period, including any stoppage time added by the referee.

When can I play Sportstake 8?

Fixture lists are published three times a week – usually on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Ticket sales close 30 minutes before the start of the earliest match on the fixture list.

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    When do draws take place?

    The 'draws' only calculate the number of winners and the prize amounts, based on how many players took part and the soccer results of the fixtures on the list. These prize payouts are normally announced on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Mondays – the day after the final fixtures on the list have taken place.

    How much does it cost to play?

    The cost for a single entry is R2. A single entry consists of predicting one outcome for each of the 16 fixtures on the list (eight first-half outcomes and eight second-half outcomes).

    Can I predict more than one outcome for a particular half?

    Yes, you can predict two or even all three outcomes for a particular fixture. This is known as a Multi-Play, and while each half of soccer can only have one outcome, making multiple predictions for a single event improves your chances of winning by covering more of the possible scenarios. Find out more about Multi-Play.

    What is the maximum I can wager?

    The most you can spend on a single bet is R2,000, so it is not possible to bet on every possible combination of outcomes.

    Can I play several games in advance?

    There is no Multi-Draw feature on Sportstake 8, as the fixtures change every round, so you need to review the new fixture list before making your predictions.

    What happens if a match is cancelled or ends early?

    If any of the fixtures (or halves) end up being postponed, rescheduled or not completed for any reason, all selections shall be regarded as correct, whether you have predicted a home win, draw or away win.

    What is Propick and how does it work?

    Propick creates a set of automatically generated predictions for you to play instead of making your own predictions. It uses computer software to pick the outcomes, based in part on a head-to-head statistical record of previous matches between the two teams. There is also a random element to Propick predictions. Go to the Propick page for more information.

    Can you play Propick and your own selections on one betslip?

    You can only play Propick or mark your own predictions on a single betslip – you cannot do both, as the lottery terminal will reject the slip. If you want to play a combination of your own numbers and Propick selections, fill out separate betslips for each or ask for a Propick selection over the counter.

    How do you win on Sportstake 8?

    You win by predicting at least 13 of the 16 outcomes correctly. You need to get all 16 right to win a share of the jackpot.

    What happens to the jackpot if nobody wins?

    If no one correctly predicts all 16 outcomes, the Division 1 prize will roll over to be added to the prize fund for the next round of fixtures. It will keep rolling over until someone wins it.

    What are the odds of winning?

    The odds of predicting all 16 outcomes correctly are 1 in 43,046,721, and the overall odds of getting at least 13 right are about 1 in 1,076,370. However, these odds assume that your predictions and the outcomes of each fixture are determined entirely at random.

    In reality, the outcome of a soccer match is not completely random. The form of the two teams, the location of the match, and the availability of players are among many factors that can have an effect on the outcome of the match. Informed players can take all these things into consideration when making their predictions.

    How long do I have to claim a prize?

    You have 365 days to claim any Sportstake 8 prizes.