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National Lottery Raffle FAQs

If you've got a query about how the National Lottery Raffle works, the prizes you can win, or any other aspect of the game, look through the frequently asked questions below. You can also find more information on the main Raffle page.#

How do I play the Raffle?

The National Lottery Raffle doesn’t work like other games in South Africa but is perhaps the easiest of all to play. All you need to do is decide how many tickets to purchase and then pay for your entries, whether you are taking part online or in a store. You’ll receive a unique Raffle number on your ticket and then you just have to wait for the draw to see if you are a winner. Go to the How to Play and Win page for more details.

Can I pick my own number?

No. All Raffle numbers are generated by the central computer system at the point of purchase. The numbers are issued sequentially so you will be given the number subsequent to the one that was last generated. This ensures that every number is unique and that there is one winner for each prize.

When does the Raffle take place?

There is usually one draw every year. The date of the next Raffle is announced in advance.

How much does it cost to play?

The cost is set before the start of the sales period for each Raffle, so it can change from draw to draw. The cost of a single ticket for the 2019 Raffle was R50.

How old do I have to be to buy tickets?

The minimum age to purchase lottery tickets in South Africa is 18.

Can Raffle tickets sell out?

Yes. A limited number of tickets are sold for each Raffle. Entries will be available to buy until they all sell out or until the cut-off point on the day of the draw. There is a maximum amount that each participant can spend on the game, which will be confirmed at the start of each sales period.

How do I win prizes?

You win a prize if the number on your ticket matches one of the winning numbers that is randomly selected in the Raffle. Every digit on your code must match a winning code exactly - you don’t win anything for matching part of the number.

What can I win?

The prizes are different in each Raffle but there is usually a mixture of cash and non-cash awards. For example, the top prize has previously been a luxury car such as a Mercedes Benz C200 Cabriolet or a Mini Cooper convertible.

Can I swap the luxury prize for cash?

No. The prizes are non-transferable. If you win a luxury prize such as a car, you will not be able to request the equivalent value in cash.

Will all the prizes be won?

Yes. The National Lottery will announce in each draw what the prizes will be and the number of winners. The draw only selects winning codes from entries that have been submitted, so all the prizes are guaranteed to be won.

How are the winning numbers selected?

A random number generator is used to select the winning codes from the pool of entries sold for the draw. An independent auditor is always present to oversee the process.

Can I cancel a ticket after I have bought it?

You can only cancel a ticket after it has been purchased if it was issued in error, is illegible or is incomplete. If it meets any of these conditions, you must cancel the ticket within two hours of the time you bought it. Tickets purchased online cannot be cancelled.

How long do I have to claim prizes?

You have 365 days from the date of the Raffle draw to claim your prize.

Can I stay anonymous if I win?

Yes. The National Lottery sometimes organises promotional events or prize-giving ceremonies to hand over jackpot prizes to Raffle winners, but you still have to give your consent for your name or picture to be used for publicity purposes.

How do I check my Raffle tickets?

There are a few different ways to check your Raffle tickets. If you purchased your entry in a store, a quick way to compare your numbers to the winning codes is to use the Raffle Checker. Alternatively, you can take your ticket to a retailer to get it scanned. If you played online, log in to your account to view your results or wait to see if you get an email notification.