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Daily Lotto Plus: How Would it Work?

The Daily Lotto Plus game does not yet exist, however there have been calls on social media and among lottery players in South Africa for the game to be introduced. Take a look at how the game might work, should it be launched in future.

The game would likely follow the format of the other 'Plus' games offered by the National Lottery (Lotto and PowerBall), whereby you can pay an additional fee when purchasing your Daily Lotto ticket to enter your numbers into the 2nd chance Daily Lotto Plus draw.

Different prizes, jackpots and winning numbers are offered with the extra chance games, as a second draw takes place after the main game. In South Africa, Lotto and PowerBall Plus games have their own rolling jackpots that increase independent of the corresponding main game.

Due to the 'must be won' nature of Daily Lotto, it's not known whether a Plus game would feature a second game with a must be won format, or if the games would change to have fixed/rolling jackpots.

What is almost guaranteed, however, is that entry into the game wouldn't be possible without also entering the main Daily Lotto, as is common with 2nd chance games. This is a regular feature of 2nd chance lottery games around the world.

Is Daily Lotto Plus Confirmed?

There has been no announcement regarding the launch of Daily Lotto Plus yet, however the question has been posted on social media in the form of polls.

On Facebook and Twitter, the same question was asked: "Will you play DAILY LOTTO PLUS for a second chance to win?". The answers on the polls after closing are as follows:

Daily Lotto Plus
  • Facebook: Yes (89%), No (11%)
  • Twitter: Yes (77%), No (23%)

There has been no official confirmation as to whether or not the game will go ahead, however Daily Lotto is currently the only draw-style lottery game offered in South Africa that doesn't have a second chance drawing associated with it.

Stay tuned for further news and updates regarding the potential new Daily Lotto Plus game. You can check back to this page for any future updates and developments.

The Current Daily Lotto Format

Launched back in March 2019, Daily Lotto was the exciting new draw-style lottery game to be offered by the National Lottery. Due to the nature of the daily jackpots that must be won, the game set itself apart from the other well-known games such as Lotto and PowerBall, rapidly becoming established as a favourite for many players.

The first draw saw 116,715 tickets sold, with a total of 17,089 winners. Since then, the game has grown in popularity, with the latest draw (at the time of writing, 1 February 2021) selling 783,087 tickets and creating 114,400 winners (including two Division 1 jackpot winners).

Take a look at the Hot Numbers for Daily Lotto to see which numbers have appeared the most often since the game began. You can also find jackpot history stats for the last six months.

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Did you know?
More Daily Lotto tickets are typically sold for Tuesday and Friday draws, with Sundays being the least popular day in terms of sales for the game.

It isn't yet known if the potential Daily Lotto Plus game would bring about changes to the main Daily Lotto. In the past, the introduction of PowerBall Plus came at the same time as changes to the main PowerBall game, with the ticket price increasing from R3.50 to R5.00, plus an extra prize tier (Div 9) and fixed prizes at the lower divisions. It's likely that details will be released in due course, if Daily Lotto Plus is launched.

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