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How to Play Daily Lotto

In a few easy steps, you can learn how to play Daily Lotto with this quick and simple guide. Whether you're filling out a betslip in a store or playing online, the step-by-step guide below lays out how to play South Africa's exciting lotto game that takes place everyday. Further down the page, you can find details on how to win one of the prizes that are available.

Choosing Daily Lotto numbers

Choose your numbers (1-36)

To play Daily Lotto, you need to pick five numbers from 1 to 36. You can select your own numbers on the betslip, or mark the 'Quick Pick' option if you'd prefer to have a random set of numbers generated for you. To play more than one set of numbers, simply fill in an extra board for each new line.

The cut off time for Daily Lotto ticket sales is 20:30, so you'll need to be sure to enter before that time to be in with a chance of winning. Draws take place at 21:00 every day.

Choosing your draws

Pick how many draws to play

Decide which draws you want to take part in with your numbers. You can submit your entries into just the next game or into multiple draws in advance.

By playing multiple draws at once, you give yourself more chances to win. It's also quicker and more convenient than entering one game at a time. Subscribing online means you will never miss a draw.

Tonight's Daily Lotto Jackpot
    Pay for your tickets

    Purchase your tickets

    Check that you're happy with your selections and pay for your Daily Lotto tickets. You just need to take your betslip to a teller if you're in-store, or make sure you have sufficient funds in your lottery wallet if you are playing online.

    The cost of a Daily Lotto ticket is R3 per play. You can spend up to a maximum of R150 on a single betslip.

    Wait for the draw

    Wait for the draw

    Once you've paid for your tickets, all that's left for you to do is wait for the draw at 21:00. Make sure that you sign the back of any physical tickets you purchase and keep them safe - they're your only proof of playing and you'll need them if you win.

    If you played online, there's no danger of missing out on a prize. Log in to your account to see whether you have been credited with a win, or check your emails for a notification.

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    If you're looking for details about how to play Daily Lotto on the FNB App, you'll find that this entry method is not available. You can currently enter Lotto and PowerBall through the FNB App but Daily Lotto is only available through other online channels and in-store.

    How to Win Daily Lotto

    You win a Daily Lotto prize if at least two of the five numbers you have picked are the same as the winning numbers. The odds of matching enough numbers to get a prize are 1 in 7.6.

    The more numbers you match, the greater your prize. If you correctly predict all five winning numbers, you'll receive a share of the jackpot, which is always worth hundreds of thousands of rand.

    Even better, the Daily Lotto jackpot is guaranteed to be won in every draw. If no tickets match all the numbers, the top prize is split between everyone in division two, so you can still win thousands just for matching four numbers. Visit the Prize Payouts page for more information about how the prize fund is split between all the divisions and what happens when nobody matches five numbers.