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How to Play and Win Sportstake Cricket

In Sportstake Cricket, the aim of the game is to correctly predict the outcome of 10 cricket matches. You need to get all 10 of your predictions right to win a share of the jackpot, but if you get at least seven you’ll still win a prize. Find out more about how to play this online-only game.


Weekly Fixtures

A new set of 10 cricket fixtures is released every week. These featured matches are taken from all around the world, including internationals and domestic tournaments. You may have to predict a Test match between England and Australia, or the result of a T20 in New Zealand.

The weekly draw takes place on Sunday, after all the matches have been concluded and the number of winners has been calculated.


How to Make Predictions

To make your predictions, go through the fixtures one by one and select what you think the outcome will be for each match. If you think the home team will win, select (1). Mark the (x) box if you predict a match will finish as a draw, or (2) for an away win.

The home team is always listed first. If a match is being held in a neutral venue, the team listed first will still be regarded as being at home for the purposes of Sportstake Cricket.


Sportstake Cricket Toss

There’s a supplementary game in Sportstake Cricket, but you have to enter the main draw to be able to take part. If you want to play the ‘Cricket Toss’ game, you must choose which team you think will win the toss in each of the 10 matches. There is only the option for home win (1) or away win (2).


Cost of Entry

It costs R5 per entry to play Sportstake Cricket, with an additional fee of R2.50 if you wish to enter the Coin Toss game. The cut-off time for playing is determined each week based on the fixtures.

As soon as the draw has taken place, you will be able to log in to your account to see if you are a winner. Most prizes will be automatically credited to your account, but for an amount of more than R50,000 you would need to visit one of the National Lottery’s regional claim offices.

How to Win Sportstake Cricket

You need to get all 10 of your predictions correct to win a share of the Sportstake Cricket jackpot. You can also win prizes for getting fewer predictions correct, starting from seven out of 10. A fixed percentage of the prize pool is allocated to each division, as shown in the table below.

Prize Division Correct Predictions Prize Pool Percentage Odds of Winning Prize Payout in Last Draw Average Payout Since Game Launch
1 10 30% 1 in 59,049 R1,000.00 R1,546.66
2 9 15% 1 in 19,683 R0.00 R21.54
3 8 20% 1 in 6,561 R8.70 R12.92
4 7 35% 1 in 2,187 R3.40 R12.40

The overall odds of winning a prize with a random set of predictions are 1 in 1,476.

If there are no winners of the top prize, it is rolled over to the following week. If nobody wins in Division 2, the prize money is split between players in Divisions 3 and 4.

How to Win Sportstake Cricket Toss

There is only one prize division in the supplementary Cricket Toss game. You need to correctly predict the outcome of the toss in all 10 matches. There are no prizes for getting nine or fewer right. The odds of winning are 1 in 1,024 and the estimated prize is R1,250.