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Sportstake Cricket FAQs

Check out the Sportstake FAQs below to learn all about the most important topics in the game, from how it works to the prizes you can win.

How does Sportstake Cricket work?

In Sportstake Cricket, you have to predict what will happen in 10 cricket matches. All you need to do is specify whether you think the match will finish as a home win, draw or away win.

How can I play?

Sportstake Cricket is only available online, so you won�t find the game in a National Lottery retailer.

When can I play Sportstake Cricket?

Draws take place every Monday morning, when the number of winners and prize amounts are announced. Fixture lists are usually published three days earlier, with sales closing at a time to be announced by the National Lottery.

Which games will be featured?

The featured matches will be taken from a variety of leagues and tournaments around the world, including international and domestic fixtures. They may be Test matches or a shorter format such as T20. Go to the Sportstake Cricket Fixtures page to see the latest matches.

If a match has to be decided by a Super Over, does this count as a draw?

No. If a match finishes as a tie and has to be decided by a Super Over, it will be settled based on the result of the Super Over. All results are recorded after the fixture has been completed and it has been declared as over by the match referee.

Can I enter multiple draws in advance?

No. You will only be able to enter the upcoming draw as the next set of fixtures will not be available until after the current game has ended.

What is the cost to play?

It costs R5 for a single entry into Sportstake Cricket. You can also play Cricket Toss for an extra R2.50.

What is Sportstake Cricket Toss?

Sportstake Cricket Toss is a supplementary game that cannot be played on its own. If you have entered the main draw, you can also predict the outcome of the coin toss for all of the 10 matches. You need to get all 10 right to win a prize.

What happens if a match is cancelled or postponed?

All selections for a particular match will be settled as correct if a match is cancelled or postponed and cannot take place before midnight on the day of the published start time.

How do I win prizes?

You win prizes by accurately predicting the outcome of the featured matches. You need to get at least seven out of 10 to get a prize. Go to the How to Play page for more information.

How are the prize amounts calculated?

A percentage of the prize fund is allocated to each division. This money is then split evenly between winners in that division, so the prize amounts always vary from draw to draw.

Does the Division 1 prize roll over?

Yes, the Division 1 prize roils over from one draw to the next if there are no players who match all 10 of their predictions.

What are the odds of winning?

The overall odds of winning a prize are 1 in 1,476, while the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 59,049.

Will my prize be paid to me automatically?

All prizes won online are credited automatically after a draw has taken place, up to the value of R50,000. From this limit upwards, you will need to visit a National Lottery regional office to claim any prizes won.