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How to Play and Win Sportstake Rugby

Sportstake Rugby offers some great prizes that you can win by correctly predicting the outcome of rugby matches. Ten fixtures are selected each week for players to consider, and you must indicate whether you think the home team or away team will win, or if the match will be drawn.

Follow the steps below to play Sportstake Rugby, and get as many predictions right as you can.


Play Online

You can play online or through your app. Sportstake Rugby is not currently available via National Lottery retailers. Log on and you will see the 10 fixtures for the upcoming round of the game.

The matches are drawn from various leagues and tournaments in different countries, such as the UK, South Africa and Australia, as well as international events.


Predict The Outcome

Make your predictions for each of the 10 matches on the fixture list. All you need to do is mark the (1) box if you predict the home team will win, (x) if you think it will be a draw, or (2) for an away win. The home team is shown first.


Purchase Entries

It costs R5 for a single entry, with one prediction for each of the 10 matches. You can submit more entries, but there is a limit of R2,000 per day for each participant.

You need to get your entries in at least 30 minutes before the start of the earliest fixture on the list. As the featured games are from different tournaments each week, keep a close eye on the cut-off time for sales.


Find Out If You’ve Won

Once all the matches for the week have been finished, the draw will happen on Sunday. This is when the number of winners in each prize division is announced, along with the value of all the prizes.

Playing online, you just need to log in to your account to check if you’ve won. Prizes up to R50,000 will be paid automatically.

How to Win Sportstake Rugby

To win a Sportstake Rugby prize, you must get at least seven of your 10 predictions correct. The value of the payout increases as you match more of your predictions, and you’ll win a share of the jackpot if you get 10 out of 10.

If there are no winners in Division 1, the jackpot rolls over to the following draw, so there can be some huge prizes up for grabs. The exact value of the prizes always varies because a percentage of the prize fund is allocated to each category.

The prize fund consists of 50 percent of the net sales of entries into the draw. The table below shows how the prize fund is divided between the four prize divisions.

Prize Division Correct Predictions Prize Pool Percentage Odds of Winning Prize Payout in Last Draw Average Payout Since Game Launch
1 10 20% 1 in 59,049 R0.00 R250.22
2 9 15% 1 in 19,683 R0.00 R19.89
3 8 20% 1 in 6,561 R0.00 R14.37
4 7 45% 1 in 2,187 R22.80 R9.15

The overall odds of winning a prize with a random set of predictions are 1 in 1,476. However, this is only an illustrative figure as the true odds may well be different. The chances of a team winning a rugby match are not entirely random. Other factors play a significant part, such as the ability of the teams and where the match is being played.