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How to Play and Win Sportstake 4

To play Sportstake 4, you must predict the outcome of four soccer matches. There are eight predictions to make in total, as you have to state what you think will be the score at half-time in each match, and also at full-time. Get at least six out of eight right and you’ll win a prize.

You can find out more about how to win Sportstake 4 further down the page, but to give yourself a chance you’ll need to make sure you get your entries in on time. Here’s how to play:


Play Online

Sportstake 4 is currently an online-only game, so it’s not available from National Lottery retailers. Log in to your account to get started and you’ll see the latest set of fixtures. All four matches are listed twice - once for the first-half result and once for the full-time result.

New fixture lists are released twice a week. The featured matches may be from any major competition in the world, such as the English Premier League or Italian Serie A.


Make Your Predictions

You need to make eight predictions in Sportstake 4, one for the score at half-time and one for the full-time result. Select (1) for a home win, (X) for a draw or (2) for an away team. Remember that the home team is always listed first.

The fixtures are always different, so there’s no multi-draw option. You can’t enter the same set of predictions in advance for future rounds of the game.


Purchase Entries

The sales period for each round of Sportstake 4 ends 30 minutes before the start of the earliest match on the list, which is likely to be on Wednesdays and Sundays.

It costs R2 for a single entry, which consists of one prediction per game per half. There’s a limit of R2,000 for how much you can wager on the game per day.


Wait For The Draw

After the four matches have taken place, the draws take place the following day on Mondays and Thursdays. This is when the number of winners in each prize division are announced and the value of the payouts are calculated.

Log in to your account to find out whether you have won and how much you might be due to receive.

Differences to Sportstake 8

Sportstake 4 works in a similar way to Sportstake 8, as you have to make two sets of predictions for each of the featured matches. However, there are only half as many matches in Sportstake 4 so there’s a better chance of winning, while the fixtures may also be different.

The other key difference is that in Sportstake 4 you are predicting the half-time result and the full-time result. In Sportstake 8, you have to predict the first-half result and the second-half result, and the full-time result itself is not significant. For example, a team could win the first half 3-0 and lose the second half 1-0, but they would still win the match 3-1.

Prize Division Correct Predictions Prize Pool Percentage Odds of Winning Prize Payout in Last Draw Average Payout Since Game Launch
1 8 45% 1 in 6,561 R2,315.80 R824.79
2 7 27% 1 in 2,187 R19.40 R127.64
3 6 28% 1 in 729 R4.00 R27.23

The overall odds of winning a prize are approximately 1 in 505, based on a random selection of predictions. Of course, the results of soccer matches are not totally random in the same way as lottery draws, so the odds presented may not be entirely accurate and should only be used as a guide.