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Lotto Predictions

Trends from past draws have been analysed and the hottest numbers have been collected together to bring you this Lotto prediction for the next draw. The six numbers below are those that are predicted to appear in the winning line – you can also see how accurate the last prediction was.

Prediction for Tomorrow's Draw
(Saturday 25 May 2024)
  • 16
  • 18
  • 33
  • 35
  • 43
  • 48
Prediction from Wednesday's Draw
  • 2
  • 30
  • 35
  • 45
  • 46
  • 48

One number correctly predicted.

How The Lotto Predictions Are Calculated

Predictions are created by taking the most recent winning numbers, finding when they were last drawn, and then analysing which numbers appeared in the following draw. The exact steps taken to build these predictions are as follows:

  • Start with the six winning numbers from the most recent draw (Wednesday 22 May 2024)
  • Compare these against the Lotto results history to find any draws that shared some of the same numbers
  • Analyse the draws that immediately followed those with shared numbers
  • Count the frequency of every number that appeared in those draws
  • Collate the hottest (most common) and coldest (least common) numbers to create the Lotto predictions

Please note that these predictions are for reference purposes only and there is no guarantee that the numbers published here will be drawn. Every Lotto number has an equal chance of being selected in the winning line.

Outcome of the Last Prediction

The last Lotto prediction was for the draw on Wednesday 22 May. Of the six predicted numbers, one matched the numbers drawn in the winning line. Go to the Lotto Results page to see the winning numbers from that draw.

The next prediction is for the Lotto draw on Saturday 25 May and the results of that prediction will be shown here straight after the winning numbers have been confirmed.

How to Choose Your Lotto Numbers

These predictions offer one useful way of choosing your numbers and are ideal if you like to play using statistics from past draws. Visit the Statistics page to find even more information, including all the hot and cold numbers and the number combinations that have appeared together most often.

If you're the opposite type of player and like to base your entries on random numbers, the Lotto Lucky Number Generator can help you find some numbers for the next draw. It will give you six randomly generated numbers between 1 and 52 to use in Lotto and Lotto Plus draws, and you can use it as many times as you wish.